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At Mercury Wealth Management we specialise in helping our clients create and protect their wealth.


Growing your own wealth and protecting it is how you can prepare best for an enjoyable active life. Having a strategic, adaptable financial strategy to suit your life can achieve this goal.


We are a boutique financial planning service in Melbourne that will focus on you. Your goals. Your values. Your objectives. Combine this with our knowledge and experience and we can secure your financial future together.


If it is time for you to take control of your financial future we can provide custom financial plans to allow you to enjoy life now, while creating long term self-sustainable wealth for the future.

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Our wealth management strategies are designed to help you get comfortable with your financial future. To do this, we help you plan short and long term strategies designed to create wealth.


At Mercury Wealth Management we can provide advice about the types of cover you may need, and help you choose the best policy to protect you and your family in the event of challenging life events. 


At Mercury Wealth Management we can help you understand the options when it comes to your superannuation and help you make an informed decision about the fund and investment strategy that will be best for you. 


Managing cashflow can make the difference not only to the success or failure of a business, but also to your financial plan. Good wealth management or retirement plans should allow for adequate cashflow to achieve financial goals while maintaining your desired lifestyle.


Effective retirement planning helps to accumulate wealth and provide ongoing income after full time work has ceased. Good retirement planning will consider investment strategies that may also be tax efficient, so when you stop work, you have continued financial security.


Being made redundant from work is a more common experience in today’s competitive business environment. But if life has thrown you a curveball in the form of a redundancy package, let us help you see how it could be the beginning of something positive.


I very much believe that having a good understanding of how your money can work best for you is one of the most empowering favours you can do for yourself and I encourage anyone who may be considering seeking advice to do so. Dale and the team at Mercury Wealth Management have been an integral partner in my goal towards future financial security. - KATE

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At Mercury Wealth Management, we look forward to speaking to you about your financial goals and to help you create a calculated strategy to achieve the level of wealth you want.


Contact us to make an appointment with an experienced financial advisor in Melbourne today.

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